General terms and conditions

Included in the price:


The amount for the excess or deductible will vary depending on the category of the vehicle. In the case that the customer does not wish to contract the collision damage waiver insurance (CDW) to cancel the excess, he/she must leave a deposit to cover possible damages not covered by the insurance. The amounts varry according to the car category:





This deposit will be charged on the clients credit card upon pickup. If the customer returns the vehicle in the same condition in which it was collected, we will proceed to the return the deposit. Damages caused to the vehicle that are not covered by the insurance will be charged against the deposit.


Arash Rent a car SL is not responsible for the fees charged by your bank upon the return of the deposit to your credit card.


The concerted third party insurance covers the renter and authorized drivers against liability by amount of seventy million euros (70.000.000.- €).


Only the person(s) included into the insurance and listed on the contract are allowed to drive the vehicle.


Insurance "Young driver" for drivers between 21-25 years old: €8/day


Insurance "Senior driver" for drivers over 75 years old: €8/day



Not included in the price and considered extras:

The CDW insurance to cancel the excess:




For you complete tranquility, we offer the SCDW insurance which covers all types of damages (except the damages listed below)



Not covered by insurance:

It is the resposibility of the customer the following cases of loss or damage:



In case of accident or theft

In case of any accidents or damages to the vehicle, the customer is required to fill out an accident report and deliver it to our office. Also, if the vehicle is stolen, the customer is required to report to the police and submit the complaint in our office.


Any accidents or damages to the vehicle not notified shall be construed as negligence by the customer and this may incur to additional charges.




24 hours, 365 days a year.


The vehicle will only be changed because of technical defect, and only when it’s not possible to repair it within reasonable time and always under the supervision of the Arash Rent a car SL technical staff.


If the vehicle has a spare tire, it is the responsibility of the customer to change  tire in the event of a puncture. If an employee of Rent a car Arash SL is sent to carry out a tire change, this will be charged with 35 €.  


The customer will not have a right to a free subsutitution car, in case of accident caused by the client or technical fault due to misuse or negligence. Also he/she will not have the right to  be reimbursed any amount for the aforementioned concept.


The customer will not be refunded for any repairs or any kind of expenses paid for the vehicle or repair without prior authorization of Arash Rent a car SL.  




Additional Drivers: € 4 / day. Maximum of € 40 per driver per hire period


Any accessory GPS, child seats, etc .. Prices are available to the customer at the time of booking on our website.



Credit cards

VISA, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted. Both, the excess and the return of the excess deposit, should always be done with credit cards. Only in the event that the customer chooses the CDW or SCDW options, payment by debit card will be allowed.



Authorization to charge amounts with credit / debit card

By communicating the data of the credit or debit card at the time of the formalization of the reservation or contract, the customer authorizes Rent a car Arash SL to charge this card with the price of the rent , the excess, and any other cost and liability collected under these conditions are accrued in connection with the rental agreement.


Once the client has confirmed the reservation, Arash Rent a car SL will be able to charge the credit or debit card with the entire foreseeable rental price, including the extras requested.


By confirming the reservation, the customer accepts explicitly the rental conditions available on this website, without the need to sign the rental contract that remains inside the vehicle for pick-ups at the airport.


The reservation of the vehicle or the rental contract will be rendered ineffective in the event that it’s not possible to charge the card.



Cancellation policy

Cancellations without penalty must be made with a minimum of 96 hours respect to the start of rent which shall be considered at 08.00 am on the first day.


Otherwise the following shall apply:

- Between 96 and 72 h be paid 25% of the total agreed price.

- Between 72 h and 48 h, 50% will be paid the agreed price.

- Between 48 and 24 hours will be paid 75% of the total agreed price.

- Less than 24 hours shall be paid 100% of the total agreed price.






No smoking!

It’s not allowed to smoke inside our vehicles. Non-observance of this regulation can be a special cleaning, provided the customer with up to €95 and an additional cost of € 30 per day that the vehicle was stopped to clean the complete interior, due to strong tobacco smell.



Fuel policy

We can offer the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, for which we will charge in advance a deposit as seen on the table below. This deposit will be returned to the customer, once the car is returned with a full tank. 


As an alternative, we can deliver the car with minimum a 1/4 tank of fuel, and the client can return it the same way, without having to leave a deposit.


In either case, if the customer returns the car with less fuel than agreed, he/she needs to pay for the missing fuel plus a 20€ service fee. 


GROUP: A = 80€

GROUP: C + CC + J = 85€

GROUP: D + E + F + K = 90€

GROUP: G + H + M = 95€

GROUP: L = 100€


Rates may change, depending on the increases and / or decreases in fuel prices. 



Traffic Fines

The customer will be held totally and absolutely responsible for any fines, sanctions, or any other measures which are applied to the hired vehicle because of improper use and will be subjected to the tribunals of Palma de Mallorca.


Rent a car Arash is obliged by law to provide informations of the renter to the authorities in case of a traffic fine and charges an administrative fee of 25 Euros (VAT included) to the customer when we receive a traffic ticket. 


This fee does not include the payment of the traffic fine. The customer will receive the fine by mail and must pay the authorities directly.



Pick up at the airport

For bookings of less then 3 days with delivery at the airport, the customer has to pay the "delivery service" of 20€. For rentals of 3 days or more this service is for free.


The customer will pay the parking fee at Palma airport at the time of collection. The amount of the ticket should not exceed € 5, and if it does the client can claim the amount exceeded except in deliveries between 22:00 to 8:00, when it can reach up to € 20. 



Delivery charges for Bookings of less than 4 days

For bookings of less than 4 days with delivery outside our office in Portals Nous, the client has to pay the "delivery service" of 20€. For rentals of 4 days or more this service is for free.



Car return at the airport

Arash Rent a car SL will pay the parking fee when the customer returns the vehicle at the termination of his contract. For car returns between 22:00 and 08:00 there is an "airport late night" fee of 20€.



Car return in a different place than the delivery place?

You should indicate this when booking, as long as it is included in the areas that we operate. For rentals of less than 4 days with delivery in one place and return in another place, the customer has to pay an extra of 35€. For rentals of 4 days or more this service is for free.


IMPORTANT! We don’t deliver or collect cars inside the ACIRE areas in Palma!


For technical reasons this extra can’t be showed on the total amount of your booking. It will be added manually by our staff and the customer will be advised by email.



Early car return 

The early return of the vehicle will not be cause for early refund



Late return of the vehicle

If the vehicle is returned later than the date agreed in the contract, the insurance will be invalidated, and the customer will be responsible for payment of € 30.25 per day (VAT included). In addition to this payment, the customer will also be responsible for paying the daily rental rate.



Abandonment of the vehicle

Clients abandoning vehicles elsewhere than the agreed in the lease shall be liable for costs incurred for breach of contract. Moreover, apart from the daily rental fee, a daily charge of € 30.25 (VAT included) penalty will apply.



Standard or extreme cleaning

The rental price includes a standard cleaning of the vehicle, however, if the vehicle is returned extremely dirty or with strong tobacco smell, Arash Rent a car SL will be forced to charge up to €95 for special cleaning and an additional cost of € 30 per day that the vehicle was stopped, due to strong tobacco smell.